Welcome to Washington InterContinental University(WIU). WIU is an institution to provide quality higher education for students around the world. WIU has many students studying various courses in many countries. WIU is incorporated and registered in The State of Delaware, USA.The Trade Mark of WIU has been registered with the Intellectual Property Office of the Former British Colony of Nevis. Nevis was a former British Crown Colony and is now independent and become a full member of the British Commonwealth and the United Nations. Registered in Class 41 in respect of "Higher Educational Programmes, Seminars, Electronic Learing (Computer/Internet Oriented) Academic and Professional degrees at the Undergraduate, Graduate and post-Graduate Level")


WIU is a private international university, it is neither a USA nor UK university and is not accredited or recognized by any governmental department of education. WIU does not mantain any offices or campus in any other country except for the registered head office in Nevis. Not all countries and institutions accept the degrees granted by WIU. Students should confirm the acceptance of the degree prior to enrollment with WIU.



The mission of WIU is to provide non-tradition, non-residential, off-campus distance learning programs. Its objective is to allow highly motivated students in any countries of the world to further their education without any interruption to their career, professional or family lives.


All credits of WIU must be earned. In recent years, distance-learning method of delivery of education has provided golden opportunities for students around the world to obtain their degrees. WIU is committed to maintain the highest standard of academic excellence. Our faculty members are all experts in their own field and are all committed to helping our students to reach their educational goals.

WIU offers affordable and flexible program of studies. Although WIU do not give credits for life and work experience, WIU will grant exemptions for any recognized professional, training and university courses. Since all students study at their own pace, WIU maintains a rolling admission and graduation policy so to meet the different needs of students.

Teaching Method

All courses offered by WIU require no classes or seminars to attend. Students just have to study at their own home or office. All communications with the WIU shall be through the Internet. Therefore, all students must have the use of a computer with Internet access.

International Co-operation

Currently, WIU has programs jointly offered in conjunction with the a number of Chinese Universities. WIU will continue to seek for more cooperation with other universities around the world.