Washington InterContinental University will accept an application at any time of the year, from anyone living anywhere in the world.
We ask that an applicant use the Washington InterContinental University application form. This has been designed to give the University the information necessary to determine the applicant's eligibility to enter a program. Applicants may include supplementary material (their resume or curriculum vitae, etc.) if they feel it is likely to be helpful. Materials sent with the application will not be returned; so no original documents should be sent, photocopies are acceptable.
Initial Application

The following steps are followed by applicants for the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degree programs. The procedures for the earned Doctor of Letter (D. Litt.) program are described elsewhere.

Step 1: Decide on the level and subject of the program for which you will apply (e.g. Ph.D. in Business; MBA etc).
Step 2: Complete the Washington InterContinental University application form.
Step 3: Mail the completed application form and any supplementary materials, together with the application fee of US$100 or HK$800, to the address shown on the form. The application fee is non-refundable.

Applications who are accepted will be sent a letter of acceptance. The letter provides detailed information on procedures to be followed. You will also receive a statement of how many advance credits you will be assigned, and how many more credits you will need to earn in the program, and for which activities.

After Admission

Step 4: When you have paid your tuition fees (or your first payment, if you are paying in installments), the University will send to you study and learning materials necessary to move to the next stage of your program.
Step 5: As soon as you complete all the assignments or papers, you should submit them to the University.
Step 6: When the Program Supervisor is satisfied that your work meets the requirements for the degree sought, he/she makes a formal report to this effect and sends it to the University's administration.

Towards Graduation and Beyond

Step 7: All materials, including faculty comments/reports, are finally reviewed and assessed by the Academic Review Committee. A check is made to ensure that all administrative and financial commitments have been settled. When all is in order, the degree will be awarded, and you will be notified in writing.
Step 8: Within three weeks of this notification of graduation, the University will send you your Official Transcript, degree Diploma, and other graduation materials. The University conducts formal graduation ceremonies from time to time, but attendance is not required; each person's degree is conferred as soon as all necessary steps have been completed. Details about ceremonies are sent to each individual upon graduation.
Step 9: After graduation we would still like to hear from you and have you grow with the Washington International Alumni. We will be happy to support you with letters of recommendation and to share with you our progress as we reach out to further our expertise and high standing in the field of adult education.