MBA Courses (BUS) Master of Law Courses Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Description of MBA Courses (BUS)

BUS 500 BUS 501 BUS 502 BUS 503 BUS 504 BUS 505 BUS 700

BUS 500 Financial Accounting (4)
A study of GAAP, Balance Sheet, Receivables and Inventories, Owners' Equity and Partnership Accounting, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows and other Topics.

BUS 501 Management Accounting (4)
A study of costs, product costing, cost tracking, cost allocation, cost reporting, planning and control, budget process, variances, measuring performance, decision analysis and other topics.

BUS 502 Marketing Management (4)

A study of Management operation of the marketing activities of the firm. Managerial analysis of the marketing environment, selection of target markets and marketing strategy design, implementation and control and other topics.

BUS 503 Economics (4)
A study of demand curve analysis, supply curve analysis, demand and supply, production, pricing, market structure, competition, fiscal policy, monetary policy, foreign trade and finance, currency exchange.

BUS 504 Operation Management (4)
A study of analysis of production operations in manufacturing and service enterprises. Traditional approach to such areas as production planning, inventory control and quality control is combined with the application of quantitative tools including game theory, PERT, statistical quality control and linear programming.

BUS 505 Financial Management (4)
A study of uses of financial statements, long-term financing and dividend policy, financial markets and banking, comparative analysis and business combinations, risk management and other topics.

BUS 700 Research Paper (6)
Preparation of a major paper on a topic of interest in Business Administration.

Description of Master of Law Courses

LAW500 LAW501 LAW502 LAW503 LAW504 LAW505 LAW700

LAW 500 Constitutional Law (4)
A study of The Scope of Constitutional Law, Sources of the Constitution, The Rule of Law, The Separation of Powers, The Royal Prerogative, Parliamentary Sovereignty, Central Government, Local Government, The Electoral System, Introduction to the House of Commons, The Legislative Process, Scrutiny of the Executive, The House of Lords, Parliamentary Privilege, The European Community and Union, Civil Liberties, The European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, State Security, Judical Review of Administrative Action, Commissioners for Administration

LAW 501 Criminal Law (4)
Crime and sentence, The definition of a crime, The classification of offences, The elements of a crime, Crimes of negligence, Crimes of strict liability, Parties to crime, Assistance after the offence, Vicarious liability and liability of associations, General defences, Incitement, conspiracy and attempt, Homicide, Non-fatal offences against the person, Sexual offences, Road traffic offences, Theft and related offences, Forgery, Offences of damage to property, Computer misuse offences, Criminal Libels and related offences, Offences against public order

LAW 502 Company Law (4)
A study of Nature and Functions of Companies, History of Company Law to 1825, History of Company Law Since 1825 Current Trends and Future Possibilities, Advantages and Disadvantages of Incorporation, Formation Procedures, Promoters, Lifting the Veil, The Company's organs and officers, Agency and Ultra Vires, The raising and maintenance of capital, Capital and dividends, The nature and classification of company securities, Acquisition and disposal of company securities, Company Charges, Public offers of securities, Insider Dealing, Market Transparency, Publicity and Accounts, Auditors, General Meetings, Directors' Duties, Enforcement of Directors' Duties and the principle of majority rule, Disqualification of directors, Breach of Corporation duties, Controlling Members' Voting, Unfair prejudice, Reconstructions, Takeovers, Administrations, Windings-up and dissolutions

LAW 503 Contract Law (4)
A study of Agreement, Consideration, Contractual Intention, From, The Contents of a Contract, Standard Form Contracts, Mistake, Misrepresentation, Duress and Undue Influence, Illegality, Statutory Invalidity, Capacity, Plurality of Parties, Third Parties, Assignment, Agency, Performance, Breach, Frustration, Remedies

LAW 504 Business Law (4)
A study of Conflict of Laws, Contract of Employment, Agency, Partnership, The Sales of Goods, Hire-Purchase, Consumer Credit, The International Sale of Goods, The Finance of International Trade, Monopolies and Mergers, Restrictive Trade Practices, Resale Price Maintenance and other Anti-Competitive Practices, Competition Rules of the European Communities, Bills of Exchange, Cheques and Promissory Notes, Bailment, Pawn and Lien, Guarantee, Life, Fire and Accident Insurance, Marine Insurance, Common and Private Carriers, Carriage by Land, Carriage by Sea, Carriage by Air, Trade Secrets, Patents and Trade Marks, Copyright and Related Rights, Data Protection, Arrangements and Bankruptcy, Arbitration

LAW 505 Tort Law (4)
Tortious Liability in General, Liability under Tort and other Compensation Systems, The Reception of the English Law of Torts, Intentional and Negligent Torts, Trespass to Person, Intentional Physical Harm other than Trespass to the Person, Trespass to Chattels, Trespass to Land, Conversion, Detinue, Duty of Care, Breach of Duty, Causation and Remoteness of Damage, Defences to Negligence, Vicarious Liability, Employer's Liability, Liability to Employees, Liability of the Crown, Breach of Statutory Duty, Occupier's Liability, Nuisance, Rylands v Fletcher, Liability for Damage by Animals, Defamation, Interference with Contract, Injurious Falsehood, Intimidation, Conspiracy, Unfair Competition and Passing Off, Deceit, Breach of Confidence

LAW 700 Research Paper (6)
Preparation of a major paper on a topic of interest in Law

Description of Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BCE)

The BCE degree is intended for students oriented toward a career in professional practice rather than those desiring a research experience or intending to continue on for the Master or Ph.D. Degree. Six courses are required for graduation. The graduate of the BCE will gain knowledge in earthquake resistant steel and concrete design applied to buildings and bridges, structural dynamics, structure mechanics and finite element methods.

BCE300 BCE301 BCE302 BCE303 BCE304 BCE305 BCE306 BCE307 BCE500

BCE 300 Dynamics of Structures (20)

A study of evaluation of dynamic load due to impact, blast and seismic forces. Analysis and design of structures subject to dynamic loads by analytic and numerical methods.

BCE 301 Structures and Materials I (20)

A study of elements of atomic structure and bonding; crystal structure; defect theory; solidification; plastic deformation; recrystallization; phase diagrams; alloy properties; TTT diagrams; heat treatment.

BCE 302 Structures and Materials II(20)

A study of large general purpose computer programs utilizing computer graphics for input/output are used for the analysis of three-dimensional structures. Introduction to the fundamentals of the finite element method with applications to structural problems.

BCE 303 Dynamics (20)

A study of system, state, state postulate, equilibrium, process, energy, and various forms of energy.

BCE 304 Fluids Mechanics (20)

A study of properties of pure substance; heat and work; first law of thermodynamics; second law of thermodynamics; entropy; basic concepts on fluids and flows; dimensional analysis; similarity and modeling; pipe flow analysis.

BCE 305 Statics (20)

A study of statics of particles; equivalent systems of forces; equilibrium of rigid bodies; analysis of structures; forces in beams and cable;friction; moments of inertia.

BCE 306 Project and contract Management (20)

A study of role of architect, consultants, quantity surveyor, builder and subcontractors; statutory requirements; project planning, scheduling and control; contract documentation and contractual arrangement; estimating and tendering; site organization and supervision; measurement and valuation at work; claim management and settlement; alternative dispute resolution.

BCE 307 Communication and Managerial Skill (20)

A study of leadership; team building; problem solving and decision making; verbal communication; business development skills; interviews and business writing

BCE 500 Research Paper (40)

Preparation of a major paper on a topic of interest in Engineering.